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I love PCGS CoinFacts.  I spend a lot of time adding and editing content on the site.  While I’m doing that, I get to see many of the images that have been added to the site.  Each week, our photographer, Phil Arnold, adds hundreds (if not thousands) of images to the site.  Sometimes the pictures are of coins that come in through the office; other times, we send Phil out to photograph important collections; and sometimes, Phil “sets up shop” at major numismatic conventions because that is often where the great coins are.  The result is an accumulation of incredible images that are simply unavailable anywhere else.

Last week I was working on the Condition Census for Large Cents.  I was stunned by how many great pictures we have of these extremely rare coins.  And, the pictures are amazing in quality, color and detail.  The high resolution images leave nothing to the imagination (I like to say that the images are so big you can see the electrons circling the nuclei of the individual atoms — while that’s a stretch, it’s not far from the truth).

When you have a chance, take a tour of the amazing Proof Large Cents on PCGS CoinFacts.  Start your tour here.

Have fun!

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  1. Mike says:

    I think it’s great that these high resolution images are now included with all Secure Plus submissions. I’m definitely planning on spending the extra few dollars to go Secure Plus on my next submission as these photos add a great deal of value.

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