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This week, like every week, I’ve spent part of each day working on the Condition Census.  As part of our grading process, we identify and photograph any coins that are potential Condition Census candidates.  After the images are sent to me, I integrate them into PCGS CoinFacts to ensure that the Condition Census is up-to-date and accurate.   Since these coins are considered the best-of-the-best, I get to see some pretty amazing coins (or, at least, pictures of coins).

In the past two weeks, hundreds of images came through from the High Desert Collection (one of the best collections in the PCGS Set Registry).  Virtually every coin in this amazing collection qualifies for the Condition Census, and many are at the very top.  I’d like to share one of my favorite coins from this collection — a 1776 Pewter Continental Dollar in PCGS MS65+.  I’ve always liked Colonial coins, but this is one of the most historic of them all.  It’s a large coin, bigger than a U.S. Silver Dollar.  The fact that it is made of pewter, a soft metal prone to corrosion, makes the grade all that more incredible.  I haven’t researched the history of this coin yet, but I’m sure that whoever owned this coin over the past two centuries, took very special care of it.  It is an amazing coin and I encourage you to take a peek at it.

As I run across more coins from this special collection (and others), I’ll let you know.

Have fun!

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  1. Jessica says:

    Ok I’m officially jealous! I’ve only seen replicas and that was really nice.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. james wolfe says:

    great coin i wish i had one

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