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OK, time for some shameless promotion of the PCGS CoinFacts website.

I spend virtually my entire working day stomping around the PCGS CoinFacts website, looking for empty places that need information, updating old information, fixing errors, adding missing images, locating weird navigation issues, etc.  I can state with confidence that I know the site better than anyone else because I spend more time there than anyone else.  So, trust me when I say that the improvements and additions made to the site over the past year are simply amazing.

Here’s an example that blew me away, and it’s just one example of many.

Take a look at PCGS Coin #6853 (1795 Silver Dollar 2 Leaves).  The page starts with three images: an MS-62+, an MS-62, and a third image that clearly shows the difference between the 2 Leaves and 3 Leaves varieties.  Clicking on the “View All Coin Images” link shows pictures of not five, not ten, not twenty, but over 40 demonstrably different 1795 2 Leaves Dollars, ranging in grade from Good 4 to MS 62+.  All of the images can be viewed in a huge, high-resolution format and you can match your coin to the images to get a close, approximate grade.

Next comes technical information, rarity and survival rate information, prices from the PCGS Price Guide, and data from the PCGS Pop Report.  The Condition Census listings shows the ten finest examples (did you know that all of the ten best 1795 2 Leaves Dollars are MS-64 or better?  I’m impressed!).

Next comes Auction Prices Realized information that shows data from the five most recent sales.  A quick link provides a complete listing of auction appearances in all grades going back to at least 1994 (and sometimes further back).

Thus, everything you need to know about the 1795 2 Leaves Silver Dollar is in one place.

And that’s for just one coin out of the thousands that are on CoinFacts.

If you’re not a subscriber to PCGS CoinFacts, you’re missing out on one of the best numismatic resources ANYWHERE!  Join today at www.PCGSCoinFacts.com

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