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1828 over 7 Half Eagle large

Image courtesy of David Akers/Paramount

I want to tell you about the 1828/7 Half Eagle, one of the rarest US coins, but one which is essentially off the radar.  It’s rarer than an 1804 Silver Dollar, an 1894-S Dime, a Brasher Doubloon, and many more recognized rarities, yet it doesn’t even show up on the list of the 100 Greatest U.S. Coins.

Perhaps the rarity of the 1828/7 Half Eagle is its problem.  After all, if it never shows up on the market, how can anyone even know about it?  For instance, the last time an 1828/7 Half Eagle appeared on the market was 1999, over ten years ago.  Today, we hear about all the coins that sell for over a million dollars, but how can we even value a coin that has been AWOL for more than a decade?

When researching the 1828/7 Half Eagle, I could only find five different examples and one of those is the unique BD-2 (Bass-Dannreuther 1-A, illustrated above).

What rarities can you think of that are relatively unknown?

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