What is a collection?

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There’s a fine difference between an accumulation of coins and a collection of coins.  Perhaps the biggest differences are focus, attention, and intent.  A jar of coins from pocket change is an accumulation.  That same jar of coins, properly sorted and identified, becomes a collection.  The “intent” part follows lines of thinking similar to these: “I’m going to obtain one Proof Set from every year since my birth”; “I’m going to collect as many different 1909-dated world coins as I can”; or, I’m going to put together a collection of Barber Half Dollars”.

The meaningfulness of a collection depends on two things: you, and other people.  A collection that is meaningful to you may not be meaningful to others.  If you’re planning on spending a significant amount of money on your collection, choose wisely, because if you ever decide to sell, it’s comforting to know that your coins will be meaningful (hence, valuable) to potential buyers.

While it is true that no one can dictate to you what you should collect, we can all use a little guidance.

The PCGS Set Registry has been designed with thousands of different “collections”, ranging from single sets to complete series to multi-denominational sets to complete sets of every possible option.  These sets were designed based on the way people collect the coins — not all people, but most people.  If you’re a new collector looking for a challenge, take a tour of the sets listed on the Registry and see what catches your eye.   The most popular sets are those with the largest number of participants.

If nothing catches your eye, the PCGS Set Registry gives you the option of building your own custom set.

In other words, a collection can be anything you choose.

Have fun!

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